Weapons Training

In Chinese martial arts, weapons are used to improve the skill & strength of the practitioner.
The heavier weapons such as the Guandao & the metal staff are like weight training for the body.
Lighter weapons, such as the straight sword & fan improve skill & accuracy.
Weapons training actually improves your empty hand Kung Fu.
Some people say traditional weapons training is no longer relevant.
After all, who walks down the road these days carrying a Guandao?
But, remember, fighting is only a very small part of traditional martial arts.
One of the most important aspects is that it KEEPS THE ART ALIVE!
It would be such a shame if these beautiful forms died out just because they
were no longer ‘relevant’.

We currently teach the following weapons:

Shaolin Tong Zi Gun (Shaolin staff)
Bai Her Jian (White Crane Straight sword)
Wei Jia broadsword (Chinese broadsword similar to a Katana.)
Bai Her Shanzi (White Crane fan)

Additionally within the system, if you grade high enough, there is the opportunity to learn:
Shaolin Dan Dao (Shaolin Broadsword)
Shaolin Bian Dan Fa (Shaolin water carrier pole)
Shaolin Hu Die Shuang Dao (Shaolin twin butterfly knives)
Shaolin Lou Han Quan (Shaolin Lohan staff)

A select few students, if they train hard enough & show real dedication & commitment
get to learn special weapons forms unique to them alone!
We also practice weapons sparring using specially constructed rubber swords & staffs.
We do not just learn the forms- we also learn how to fight!