The White Crane Grading Structure contains 20 patterns that fully cover all the principles of the system. Depending on individual ability (and how hard and regularly one trains!) you would expect to grade once every 3-6 months for the first four gradings. After this, things slow down and one would expect to grade about once a year. If this sounds like a long time, remember, Martial Arts is a life long challenge, you cannot
become a master overnight. In an age where some clubs give out black belts sometimes in less than a year, this club stands for quality and high standards. If you pass a grade you know you deserve it! If twenty patterns sounds a lot, do not be fooled! The White Crane System is one of the most comprehensive and difficult styles in the world with literally hundreds of patterns one could learn. These twenty patterns represent the core principles of the style, but there will be the opportunity to learn many other beautiful patterns. I personally know over sixty patterns including: open hand patterns, weapon patterns, two person patterns, wooden man patterns and soft style patterns. Traditional Martial Arts are forms based. The forms are the style. They unlock the secrets of the style.
If you want a traditional, forms based system, White Crane Martial Arts is the place to be.

Beginners 1-4

San Zhan – Three Wars
Bai Her Liu Bu Quan – White Crane Six Stance Form
San Zhan Lie Ma – Strong Shuffling Three Wars
Si Xiao Men – Four Small Doors

Basic 1-4

San Zhan San – Third San Zhan
Shi Zi – The Cross
Shi San Tai Bao – Thirteen Wonders
Si Men Dou Di – Four Doors/Five Elements

Intermediate 1-4

Shaolin Tong Zi Gun – Shaolin Perfect Staff
Tian Di Lian Zhan – Heaven and Earth
Hu Die Shuang Fei – Twin Butterflies in Flight
Shaolin Dao Dao – Shaolin Broad Sword

Advanced 1-4

Bai Her Zhan Chi – White Crane Flaps its Wings
Shaolin Bian Dan Fa – Shaolin Water Carrier
Di Zang Quan – On the Floor/Earths Core
Shaolin Hu Die Shuang Dao – Shaolin Twin Butterfly Knives

Masters – 1-4

Meng Hu Chu Lin – Tiger Leaves its Den
Shaolin Luo Han Quan – Shaolin Lohan Staff
Tie Niu Ru Chi – Iron Bull Breaks the Stone
Suang Yang Bai Her Rou Ruan Quan – Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art