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Tai Chi and Chi Gong Seminar- An Article By Christine Pirrie, WCMA Assistant Instructor

Tai Chi and Chi Gong Seminar: Worthing, Sunday 5 th July 2015 A day to remember for the students who were lucky to attend. You could say it was a very nourishing day where we absorbed so much goodness. We fed our chi, soaked up good vibes and devoured knowledge. An unusual feast indeed when […]

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Toledo 2015- An Article By Kirsty Sloman Brighton WCMA

It was an early start for seven intrepid explorers as we arrived at Gatwick for the 7.30 flight to Madrid. There was Chief Instructor Mr. Russell Suthern, Instructors Shaf Suthern and Josh Haigh and students comprising of myself, Robert from the Worthing club, Carrie from the Eastbourne club and Marcello from the Brighton club. Our […]

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Toledo Summer Camp- An Article By Mr Russell Suthern, Chief Instructor WCMA

This year’s week long training camp was in Toledo, Spain. There were a few reasons for picking this location: Firstly, having been to China & the Far East so many times, it made a nice change of destination. Secondly, Spain has such warm weather & such a relaxed pace of life, we were really able […]

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