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Ice Bucket Challenge;- Joshua Haigh, Instructor WCMA

“It’s cold. Very, very cold! The ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness and funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease.”

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WCMA Adult Competition Results 2014

Beginners Open Hand Forms GOLD          Haydon Gates & Keri Summers 2 Person Conditioning Form SILVER       Olivia Louvel White Crane Six Stance Form BRONZE     Ben Lee Robinson Three Wars Intermediate Open Hand Forms GOLD          Jon Allenby The Cross SILVER       Rob Hoare Frost and Sun Soft Style Form BRONZE     Fabian Truchon Strong Horse Shuffling Three Wars Advanced Open [...]

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WCMA Children’s Competition Results 2014

CHILDREN’S OPEN HAND FORMS GOLD          Rajan Allenby 4 Small Doors SILVER       James Hoare 4 Small Doors BRONZE     Rajan Allenby 3 Wars CHILDREN’S WEAPONS FORMS GOLD          Gabriel Lee Robinson Wei Jai Broadsword SILVER       James Hoare Single Fan CHILDREN’S SWORD SPARRING GOLD          Kerem Simms Fielding SILVER       James Hoare BRONZE     Gabriel Lee Robinson CHILDREN’S OPEN HAND SPARRING GOLD          Kerem [...]

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One Day Tai Chi Seminar- An Article by the Chief Instructor Mr Russell Suthern

Recently WCMA held its first one day seminar. We have held many weekend & week long camp, as well as shorter, two to four hour masterclasses in the past, but this was the first time we tried a one day event of this type. I’m happy to say the day was a resounding success in [...]

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