Shafagh Amiraftabi

Shafagh Amiraftabi

WCMA Instructor Worthing, Shoreham, Arundel


Almost 20 years’ experience

Fully Insured

CRB checked

First Aid Qualifications


I started training in White Crane Tai Chi and Kung Fu almost twenty years ago. When I started training it was for health and fitness. At the beginning I had no aspirations to become an Instructor.

As I attended more classes my enjoyment of learning this system increased. I found so many challenges both mentally and physically. I started to attend training camps and found many relevant books to read and study. In order to understand Chinese Kung Fu, it is important to study Chinese philosophy, culture and history.

The discovery of each new form, in White Crane and Dog Style Kung Fu, drove me on to progress through the system. I became an Assistant Instructor first. Teaching students under the guidance of my Instructor, The Chief Instructor  Mr Russell Suthern, helped me with the understanding of the system. I found the experience very rewarding and graded to become a Full Instructor.

My next challenge was to complete the system, which I graded on a couple of years ago. Knowing the whole system, 20 patterns, is only the beginning. There is still a great path before me. I now train more than I have ever done so before.

I have also become part of the Lion Dance Team and have performed both in the head and tail of this mighty beast. I feel so proud to be part of keeping this tradition alive.

My next challenge is to be able to speak, read and write Mandarin. The discipline given to me by my Kung Fu I am sure will see me through.

I am a full time professional Instructor and look forward to hearing from you. Come and join in the fun!


Shafagh Amiraftabi

Instructor WCMA

074325 97647


Performing Lion Dance in the Head