White Crane Kung Fu

Chief Instructor Mr Suthern and Jason Lee sticking hands.

Approximately 300 years old, White Crane Kung Fu originates from the Fujian province of Southern China.
It was created by a young girl called Fang Chi Liang. There are many variations to the legend of how the style came about. One of the most popular states that she tried to shoo a crane away from where she was working, but it avoided her attacks with graceful ease. She created the White Crane style based on the bird’s beautiful attacking and defensive movements. White Crane style incorporates a strong-rooted stance, coupled with a flexible waist to generate maximum power. This power is delivered to the opponent via a series of lightening-fast, penetrating hand attacks. The White Crane footwork coupled with a comprehensive blocking system means the White Crane practitioner is well guarded at all times. Performing White Crane Kung Fu improves the practitioners health, fitness, strength and flexibility. Anybody can start White Crane irrespective of their age or standard as each student is encouraged to develop at their own pace.