Joshua Haigh

Hi all!
I started my martial arts career many years ago, in 1995. This is good for you, because I have many years of experience which will translate into you learning correctly. My training started with a style of kungfu called Feng Sau which translates as hand of the wind, the idea being that you flow around your opponent and strike with the power of a whirlwind. My training continued with Wing Chun, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Thai Boxing, 3 different Yang style T’ai Chi classes each with a different form or pattern, Iaido and Jeet Kune Do. I was training five or six days a week for several years to fit it all in, often twice a day! Eventually, I was fortunate enough to find the white crane kungfu club that I train in now. I have been training in this style since early 2002, and my knowledge and skill level have simply exploded as a result. Shortly after I started this club, I stopped all other training, because white crane martial arts has it all!

In my time with white crane martial arts, I have learned over 40 patterns, and since quality is what this organisation stands for, you may be sure that they have been learned to a high standard. These patterns include empty hand patterns, groundfighting patterns, two person patterns, weapons patterns and two person weapons patterns. My personal breadth of knowledge amazes me when I think about it, yet it pales in comparison to what is still available to me under the instruction of the chief instructor, Russell Suthern.
I was an assistant instructor for over two years, and was training to become an assistant instructor for an additional year. This gave me over three years experience in teaching adults and kids, even before I started teaching in Eastbourne in 2009. This is good for you as my student, because I now know several different ways of teaching, one of which will be the best way for you. In addition, my teaching was under scutiny for over three years as an assistant instructor which means that you can be confident that I am teaching correctly and safely. This scutiny has not stopped since I became a full instructor with my own club. My instructors are constantly training me to become a better instructor, not just a better martial artist.
I am dedicated to being a kungfu instructor, I will be here for many, many years. To be precise: forever! I am lucky to have learned under my two instructors, Russell and Shaf, who teach full time. With such an example, you can be confident that I will be here for the long run. If you decide to train with me, you are giving me your time, money and trust that I will teach you correctly. In return, my promise to you is that I will teach you for as long as you want it, and that the longer you stay, the better you will get. I want to be teaching classes at least six days a week. This wont happen overnight, but I am committed to building a large thriving club in Eastbourne, where nothing will hold you back from becoming a great martial artist if you are willing to put the hours in.
We are a friendly bunch, so don’t feel worried by starting a kungfu class with me. It can be daunting to start anything new, that it is a martial art can be an extra layer of nerves on top! Although we take our kungfu seriously, everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience or fitness level. Please browse this website to see a selection of what is available to you should you decide to join up, especially the ‘styles’ button above.
Finally, I feel honoured and priviledged to be given the responsibility of teaching under the white crane martial arts banner.

Please send me an e-mail to the following address:
mobile number : 07908480161