Iron Shirt Conditioning

Advanced students may participate in Iron Shirt training, a very important part of Kung Fu.
Iron Shirt develops the body to the point where it can withstand very hard punches & kicks.
Iron Shirt also includes the legendary “Iron Fist” where the practitioners hands are developed to the point where they can deliver devastating blows.
Iron Shirt training consists of hard & soft Chi Kung exercises to develop the internal energy, striking exercises to toughen muscles, bones & skin, finally special Chinese medicine (Dit Da Jow) is applied to the areas of impact to encourage healing & toughen the skin further.
It is vital to only participate in Iron Shirt training under the supervision of a qualified instructor, or it can be easy to injure oneself.
Done correctly, however, it can be an invaluable part of the advanced practitioners Kung Fu arsenal.

Rob Hoare and George Horlock arm knocking.

Brighton WCMA Iron Shirt class.