White Crane Tai Chi

Chief Instructor Mr Suthern performing the Immortal grinds the mill.

Although rare in the west, the White Crane soft styles (Tai Chi) are venerated in the east for their combination of health and self defence.
Russell Suthern teaches the Tai Chi form known as Suang Yang Bei Her Rou Ruan Chuan.
This name means Frost and Sun White Crane Soft and Gentle Art.
The form is supple, fluid, flexible, and continuous and is made of 66 postures.
These postures enable the practitioner to regulate his Chi, to build his body internally and externally. The breath should coincide with the body movements, the body must be soft, gentle and controlled.
Constant practice will enable the student to develop intrinsic energy, which can be used for either health or self-defence.
The body becomes soft on the outside, but hard like steel on the inside.
This style of Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and people of all abilities.

Instructor Shafi performing the major star does a somersault.