Shoreham Club

Instructor Shafagh Amiraftabi

Mobile number: 07432 597647



Over 20 Years Experience

Graded on the full White Crane System

Graded by the Beijing Wushu Association

Fully Insured

CRB registered


Wednesdays 7-8pm Tai Chi 8-9pm Kick Boxing

Due to renovations to the Shoreham centre the class has relocated to;-

St Botolphs Church, Manor Road entrance, off of Heene Road, Worthing

Chinese Kick Boxing

At White Crane Martial Arts we practice both semi-contact & full-contact Chinese Kickboxing. This art involves punching, kicking, vertical grappling, & various sweeps, throws & takedowns. We have also combined Shia Chiao Chinese wrestling, Chin Na joint locking & Dog Style Kung Fu ground fighting to create a complete ground fighting system.

These classes are great fun & a tough workout. We practice on bags & focus mitts, we work the techniques with partners in a controlled & structured way, then we engage in free sparring.
We hold an annual competition so students can test their skills & measure their progress. Beginners are always welcome to the classes, so please call us for details.

This class is an Adult class and is suitable for all levels (Teenagers are welcome). Training in this class is excellent for health, fitness and promotes confidence and a positive self image. You need only have a passion for the Martial Arts and an ability to learn. So come along and be cool.

Call or e mail me for further details such as what to wear, cost etc.. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please be aware that WCMA expects all students to respect their Instructors and their fellow students. WCMA reserves the right to terminate any students membership at any stage, although this is always a last resort and not a decision taken lightly. All monies paid to WCMA are non refundable.