Brighton Training Hall Hire

Training Hall for Hire in Central Brighton (Edward St)

White crane Martial Arts has an 864 sq ft training room available for hire.

Training Hall for Hire

The hall is fully matted & is suitable for a wide range of activities including:
Dance/Yoga/Pilates/ Zumba/Fitness/Martial Arts.

The room is currently being used for martial arts, so the hirer would benefit from the use of a wide range of training equipment including: Gloves, pads, bags & focus mitts:

Gloves & PadsGloves & Pads

There are also two wooden men perfect for Wing Chun or or other Chinese styles.

Wooden Man

The room has it’s own entrance, painted with life size Shaolin fighting monks:

Fighting Monks

The hall also has access to toilets & changing rooms.

This training room is available for only £15 per hour, which is incredibly good value for central Brighton.

Please call Russell on 07885 963 979 to find out availability, or Email him on: